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As we are gradually recovering from the pandemic, Botheven never stop developing new solutions for PP woven bag, we proudly announce new “Fully Automatic Liner Inserting-Bag Top Hemming Conversion Line” (Model: Liner Hemming), an all in one solution from liner inserting to bag top hemming, a truly automation for bag mouth processing.

Fully Automatic Liner Inserting-Bag
Top Hemming Conversion Line
Model: Liner Hemming

1. All-in-One Multi-Functional Machine – flexible usage for various type of PP woven bag processing on the same machine.

Functions Applicable:

  • With Liner Inserting-Cutting-Sewing and Bag Top Hemming
  • With Cutting-Sewing and Bag Top Hemming (without Liner Inserting)
  • With Liner Inserting-Cutting-Sewing only (Without Bag Top Hemming processing)
  • Cutting-Sewing Process only (Without Liner Inserting & without Bag Top Hemming)

2. Saving Manpower, spare and Saving Cultivated Training for Skilled Manuel Operators to the maximum.

3. Producing finished bags with conformed & unified quality with stable performance.

4. Experiencing Clean Process of Bag Top Hemming. Largely Reducing Hand-Touching on the Bag Top Area.

5.Highly synchronized machine for easy setup and quick bag size changeover.

6. A total solution machine for PP woven bags with final products applicable in a bag variety market.

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