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Flexographic Jumbo Bag Printing Press

  • This Printing Press is Specially Designed for Jumbo Bag Printing.
  • Equipped Ink Circulation Pump in Each Color for Manage Proper Ink Consistency.
  • Patented Separation Device between Printing Roller and Conveyor Belt to Avoid Stain Conveyor During Empty Load.
  • 1 to 5 Printing Press Flexibly Provided According to Customer's Demand.
  • Custom-made designs are available.
Model JMP/1~5C/1800 JMP/1~5C/2200
》Processing Bag Width 500-1800 mm 500-2200 mm
》Processing Bag Length 900-1300 mm
》Printing Area 940 X 940
》Production Output Max. 40 bags / minute
  • Jumbo Bag
    Jumbo Bag