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Automatic PP Woven Fabric Tubing Machine

The RGT-M1 was created to tube laminated or coated flat woven fabric in facilitate client’s application on rear end process of bag-making

  • General Performance:
    a. Diameter of Unwinding Cloth: 1000 mm Maximum
    b. Processing Flat Fabric Width: 640 - 1350 mm
    c. Production Output: Max. 100 Meter / Minute
  • Un-Winding Section
    a. Fabric Roll Lifting: Pneumatic Type. 
    b. Automatic Edge Position Control(EPC): Hydraulic Type, With 1 HP AC Motor.
    c. Automatic Tension Control: Powder Brake With Controller
    d. Air Shaft: 2 PCS, Enclosed.
    e. Automatic Roll Changing System: Enclosed.
  • Tubular Forming & Extruder Pasting 
    a. Processing Flat Fabric Width:
        *640 - 1350 mm
        *740 -1150 mm Can Be Gusseted.
        *640 - 740 mm Can Not Be Gusseted, But Can be Pasted.
    b. Gusset Depth: 40 - 90 mm Adjustment.
    c. Main Motor of Pasting Extruder: AC 7.5 HP, With Inverter Control.
  • Re-Winding 
    a. Winding Method: Surface Friction Type.
    b. Winding Motor: AC 3 HP Motor with Inverter Control.
    c. Rewinding Roll Press Roller: Pneumatic Type
    d. Automatic Roll Changing System: Enclosed.
  • Power Consumption 
    a. Rated Power Capacity: 17 KW
    b. Actual Power Consumption: 15 KW
  • Dimension ( L x W x H ) : 105,000 x 4,250 x 2,200 mm
  • Weight: 6,500KG
  • Spare Parts: 1 Lot (Free of Charge) for each machine