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Gusset-Cutting And Sewing Machine For Gusset Bag

This Gusset-Cutting-Sewing Line is design to flawlessly form side Gusset with bottom fold & sewn, sectional element including:

  • Un-winding unit equipped with EPC
  • Micro-Perforation unit.
  • Gusset Forming unit (equipped Infrared Rays for forming quality).
  • Mark sensor for printed fabric roll.
  • Cutting unit equipped both cold cutter and hear cutter.
  • Bottom fold & sewing unit.
  • Finished bag automatic count stacker delivery unit.
  • Printing Output : 32-48 bags / minute
  • Processing Bag Width : 300-850 mm Applicable
  • Processing Bag Length : 450-1400 mm Applicable
Size Gusset Device
- Standard -
- For Small Bag-
》Bag width before gusset 560-700 mm 480-620 mm
》Bag width after gusset 400-600 mm 380-500 mm
》 Gusset deep 50-90 mm 50-90 mm
(GS-2002 equip only unit of Gusset Device, the other unit shall be optional)
  • PP Woven Bag
    PP Woven Bag