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Botheven has more than 2 decades of experience, in design/manufacturing the Industrial Machineries for the production of Woven PP/HDPE Bags and/or Related Products.

All its machineries were created with Easy-Operation, Compact-Space, Minimal-Attendance and Simple-Maintenance oriented; having High-Output and Stable-Quality Productions, also with Sturdy-Structural-Construction that built to serve for extended period !

Company Name

Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Product Category

PP Woven Bag Whole Plant Equipments
PP Flat Yarn Extrusion Lines
Circular Loom Series
PP Woven Bag Conversion Line Series
Fully Automatic Cutting/Sewing Line
Fully Automatic Cutting/Sewing/Printing Lines
Feeding Valve Forming Lines
Printing Machine Series; In-Line Front/Rear Processed
Fully Automatic Reel-to-Reel Printing Lines; up to 12 Colors
Manual Printing Press (Piece by Piece); up to 6 Colors
Fabrics Processing Series
Laminated/Coated Fabric Tubing Machine
Reel-to-Reel Gusset Forming Line
Related Industrial Machineries
Hydraulic Baling Press
Recycling Machine
Printing Plate Making Machine

Nature of Business

Machine Design & Manufacture

Target Market


Percentage Exports


Minimum Order


Payment Terms

L/C; T/T and/or Bank Draft



Factory Area

4500 square meters

Major Customers

Importers, Manufacturers