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  • Printing Method : 4+4, 5+3, 6+2 color / side
  • Production Output : 120 meter / min
  • Based on our original Reel to Reel Printing Line which had produced more than 10 years, we have further up-grade our machine. The New Reel to Reel Printing Line is a whole new design, the main improvements we need to emphasize are:
    Equipped Gear Box on Each Printing Station, These Gear Box Can 360X Oline Print Registration While the Machine in Running.
    Equipped Overhead Drying Oven.
  • Reel to Reel Printing Line is the most efficient way for the PP woven bag printing, and capable of two side printing on the bag in the one process, based on the current market demand, we are able to proide 12 colors(each side 6 colors) Reel to Reel Printing Line.
  • Our Reel to Reel Printing Line provide the best printing quality with high output (up to 120 meter / minute) and only one operator required. Decreasing the printing cost to the lowest. It is the most wisdom choice for printing.
  • Diameter of Unwinding Cloth : 1200 mm Maximum Applicable
  • Width of Unwinding Cloth : 300-850 mm Applicable
  • Cutting Length : 500-1300 mm Adjustable
  • Production Output : 120 meter / minute Max.
  • Ink Circulation Pump
  • Corona Treater
  • Auto Tension Controller
  • Air Shaft
  • Automatic Roll-Changing System
  • PP Woven Bag
    PP Woven Bag